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Filord is the MS Excel software utility that loads Excel files into memory and runs queries
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14 January 2010

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If you are new to MS Excel and using it frequently for working with numerical data, you will find a deficiency in its features for intermediate operations with the data. To elaborate, if you have a long list of numbers in your data and you need a subtotal of few numbers from it, you will either copy-paste this subset in some other column and do the totaling or you would use a calculator which would be very painful. In other case, you might be feeling a difficulty in fishing out similar or unique contents in two separate cells. There are a myriad of inefficiencies that Ms Excel doesn’t address by default as they are used in rare cases and a program like Ms Excel is made to address needs of a large number of users. For solving such simple problems which a beginner often faces, you can use Filord v.1.00 which is a powerful tool for doing minor operations in the spreadsheet document and all such functions are fully customizable.

Filord v.1.00 loads the data of your spreadsheet in its own temporary memory and executes queries for the required functionality. Thus, the application largely reduces your mechanical work in a number of repeated tasks like finding unique values among two cells, seeking out similar values, doing subtotals in a column, reversing the rows, finding duplicate values etc. The program offers a variety of filtering capabilities that can be easily used to filter data pertaining to a certain criteria. This program can be used in a vast number of fields like mathematical, statistical, accounting, and deep analysis of data and its parts. The size of this program is very small which makes it handy to port and use on multiple systems. Along with the help documentation, the program is only 1.5Mb in size. This is to note that this program is an additional third party application rather than being an add-on to the default excel program, thus it doesn’t interfere with the installation of the Excel program.

Filord v.1.00 gets an overall score of three and a half points on the scale of five for its high utility oriented functionality.

Publisher's description

Filord is the MS Excel software utility that loads spreadsheet files into memory and runs different queries on them. It's a tool designed to save you time and effort on routine tasks - find duplicate values, unique values across two files, reverse order of rows, get subtotals, filter and more. Work much easier with reports, analytics, stock taking and lab data, maths, accounting, transaction records etc. Installation size is 1.5 Mb with built-in help (English) and uninstall support, intuitive graphic interface. Being an external solution (not an add-in) Filord doesn't alter your current Excel installation. No specific experience and skills required, basic knowledge of Excel is enough. Welcome to Filord and get your job done in minutes - no more tedious macros, complicated formulas, add-ins and VBA practices. Please visit official web page to learn more.
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